Mai Son – High quality Arabica coffee area in Son La province, Vietnam

Beginning from the land called as “dogs eat stones, chickens eat gravel” in Chieng Ban, Chieng Chung, Chieng Mung communes of Mai Son district, Son La province, thanks to coffee tree nowaday these lands are becoming “golden land ” and the most fertile land in the Northwest region. Coffee area in Mai Son district currently has 4,200ha (mainly Arabica coffee), accounting for 33.9% of the total coffee area of ​​the province. Coffee tree is being planted in 12 communes: Chieng Ban, Chieng Chung, Chieng Mung, Chieng Dong, Chieng Kheo, Chieng Ve, Chieng Mai, Muong Chanh, Na Ot, Muong Bon, Muong Bang and Phieng Pan.

These are areas with great potential for land and labor … climate and soil suitable for the growth and development of coffee trees. Fresh fruit yield is estimated at 120-150 quintals / ha. Production of green coffee reached 4,975 tons. The value on 01ha of average farming is about 130 million VND / ha, the highest is about 250 million VND / ha create stable income for more than 6,300 coffee farmers.

Local coffee production, preliminary processing and processing activities are growing. 80% of the production of green coffee produced in Son La is exported to the US, Japan and some other countries. The reputation of Son La Arabica coffee is increasingly enhanced and affirmed to be one of the two largest Arabica coffee producing regions in Vietnam.

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